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Editors and writers are the foundation of our company. At our services, we make an effort to provide experience and the most effective publishing service for the customers. We emphasize on the advantages of publishingfor reference work writers, journal writers, prospective, future novel writers, journal editors, and provide useful guidance and support.

Underneath people will discover a listing of the writers featured on this particular website. Each writer page contains a biography as well as a searchable set of works; many writer pages additionally contain other content such as quizzes or user opinions.

The management for writers contains information about preparing a manuscript for submission to standards for publication, Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and the internet entry procedure.

We advise that writers follow the planned simplified CMR sequence language of the post “Simplifying cardiovascular magnetic resonance pulse sequence language.”

Cambridge Journals Online entirely supports publication of journal articles ahead of the print problem, so ensuring our writers the fastest path to publication.

Standards for on-line writers

The standards on this page contain non-technical standards applicable to any or all web authors and technical standards applicable to some web writers.

It is best to select and pick from the long list accommodating it to the requirements.

The reason why we made the list rather inclusive are:

  • Which standards are related to the writers?
  • Whether people make use of alternative publishing software or a content management system?
  • Whether authors publish their particular content?


  • Use simple English
  • Frontload headlines, links, paragraphs and lists.


  • Do not underline text for emphasis (is allowed for links).
  • Do not use boldface, italics or solid caps for emphasis.

Use capital letters for:

  • Initial letter of heading or sentence


Begin every page with a unique, same, explanatory headline.

Follow with outline, description or essential message of the webpage.

Use regular subheadings; compose them like headlines.

On long pages, list bookmark and subheadings at the top

On long pages, provide regular links to the top.

Limit every page to one subject and objective.

Old redundant and little content

Remove ROT

Do not duplicate information that is on another page: link to it.

Contain a date on each page that wants it within the text.

Use dates instead of comparative manifestations of time.

Do not use the future tense except in definitely outdated news stories.


List things in the rational sequence for user

Provide descriptive headings

Directions and processes

Put links to required close forms to measures that need them.


Use tables simply for text display, not for data.

Keep tables short enough to reveal on a display without scrolling.

Searchable content

Use keywords (words used by users searching for this particular page) in the content.

Use keywords in the headline.

The Online writers are portion of a self-directed learning plan. Authors and Editors offer an introduction to procedures and the central abilities needed for new writers of Cochrane systematic reviews of interventions. The modules are meant to complement the guidance supplied in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions and other learning opportunities including face to face workshops and webinars.

Jane likewise said that novels were being devalued by Amazon and writing.

Amazon marking down publication costs means there is a movement toward devaluing novels. We believe that is an impact along the way individuals examine writing. If Amazon keeps pricing E-books at low cost, people begin believing that writing is not precious merchandise.

Replica is inviting writers to submit synopses in official languages and important European languages from important nations. This will enable writers to improve use and the reach of their research released in Reproduction. We mean to add additional languages following the start of the plan. Writers wanting to contain an intangible in simple language which should submit another word file including keywords, abstract and the name in a single language of their choice.

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